Mathematical modeling and simulation of CO2 stripping

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Mathematical modeling and simulation of CO2 stripping from monoethanolamine solution using nano porous membrane contactors

شبیه سازی و مدل سازی ریاضی زدودن CO2 از محلول مونو اتانول امین با استفاده از کنتاکتورهای غشای نانومتخلخل



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Mathematical modeling and simulation of CO2 stripping



Mathematical modeling and simulation of CO2 stripping from monoethanolamine solution using nano porous membrane contactors

In recent years, the restriction of greenhouse gases emissions to
the environment has become a main issue in industrial processes
(Medina-Gonzalez et al., 2012; Porcheron and Drozdz, 2009). CO2
has been recognized as the most important greenhouse gas which
is released mostly by industrial activities. Absorption of CO2 into
amine solutions has been used as the most effective method for capture
of CO2. Back-absorption (stripping) of CO2 from amine solvents
is a major section of absorption–stripping process. The traditional
separation process for removal of CO2 from gas mixtures usually
takes place in two separated contacting columns; the first for CO2
absorption and the second for CO2 back-absorption or stripping.
These two units together form the CO2 removal plant. In fact, amine
absorption system, for example Petronas Fertilizer Co. in Malaysia
and Sleipner project in Norway are the most current CO2 capture
plants. Therefore, amine absorption of CO2 has been attracted a
lot of in-depth research (Chang and Shih, 2005; Koonaphapdeelert
et al., 2009).
Membrane contactors provide a dispersive-free contact
between gas and liquid phases via a microporous membrane for
the purpose of gas absorption or liquid extraction. In these novel
devices, the interfacial area is known and constant. The latter
∗ Corresponding author. Tel.: +98 861 3663041; fax: +98 861 3663057.
E-mail address: (A. Marjani).
allows performance to be predicted more easily compared to
conventional dispersed phase contactors. Moreover, the scale-up
of membrane contactors can be practically linear (Mansourizadeh
and Ismail, 2011; Yeon et al., 2003).
The mass transfer through membrane contactors has been
investigated by several researchers. The resistance-in-series model
is usually applied to explain mass transfer in membrane contactors
at steady-state condition and to determine the individual mass
transfer coefficients for each phase (Gabelman and Hwang, 1999;
Phattaranawik et al., 2005). The other modeling approach is based
on solving conservation equations for the specie in all phases. In
this method, conservation equations including continuity, energy
and momentum equations are derived and solved by appropriate
numerical method based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
techniques. A number of authors have used this method to simulate
the gas separation and solvent extraction carried out in HFMCs.
Their results show good agreements between the experimental and
simulation results (Al-Marzouqi et al., 2008a,b; Fasihi et al., 2012;
Marjani and Shirazian, 2011; Rezakazemi et al., 2011a,b; Shirazian
et al., 2009, 2011, 2012; Sohrabi et al., 2011).
In this work, modeling of CO2 stripping from
monoethanolamine (MEA) solution using polytetrafluoroethylene
(PTFE) hollow-fiber membranes was investigated by numerical
methods. In order to validate the simulation results, experimental
data reported by Khaisri et al. (Khaisri et al., 2011) were used.
The developed model considers both axial and radial diffusions in
the tube, membrane, and shell parts of the membrane contactor.

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