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سیستم جهان – The System of the World

سیستم جهان – The System of the World
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1900 بازدید
۲۰,۰۰۰ تومان
سیستم جهان ( The System of the World)، جلد سوم و پایانی از چرخه باروک ( The Baroque Cycle ) نیل استیونسن (Quicksilver and The Confusion)، حماسه تاریخی حماسی را به پایان هیجان انگیز - و واقعاً الهام بخش - می رساند.

دانلود کتاب The System of the World نوشته Neal Stephenson

رانگلیسی سیستم جهان نوشته نیل استیونسن ( سومین کتاب از مجموعه کتاب چرخه باروک)



نیل استیونسن

Neal Stephenson

از مجموعه:

The Baroque Cycle Series

درباره کتاب The System of the World :


سیستم جهان ( The System of the World)، جلد سوم و پایانی از چرخه باروک ( The Baroque Cycle ) نیل استیونسن (Quicksilver and The Confusion)، حماسه تاریخی حماسی را به پایان هیجان انگیز – و واقعاً الهام بخش – می رساند.

داستان «سیستم جهان» که در اوایل قرن هجدهم اتفاق می‌افتد و دارای شخصیت‌های مختلفی است که شامل کیمیاگران، فیلسوفان، ریاضی‌دانان، جاسوسان، دزدان، دزدان دریایی و اعضای خانواده سلطنتی است. او به انگلستان بازمی گردد تا شکاف بین نوابغ سر آیزاک نیوتن و گوتفرید لایبنیتس را ترمیم کند. پس از ترک  با اکره خانواده خود در بوستون، واترهاوس به انگلستان می رسد و تقریباً توسط یک دستگاه جهنمی مرموز کشته می شود. واترهاوس که به مدت دو دهه از کشور ویران شده از جنگ دور بود، به سرعت متوجه می‌شود که اگرچه بسیاری از چیزها تغییر کرده‌اند، اما هنوز انقلاب خشونت‌باری در زیر سطح جامعه به ظاهر متمدن در حال جوشیدن است. در حالی که ملکه آن بیمار مرگبار است و توری‌ها و ویگ‌ها برای برتری سیاسی تلاش می‌کنند، واترهاوس و نیوتن عهد می‌کنند که بفهمند چه کسی می‌خواهد دانشمندان خاصی را بکشد و معمای پشت افسانه طلای پادشاه سلیمان، یک انبار اسطوره‌ای از فلزات گرانبها با خواص معجزه‌آسا را ​​رمزگشایی کند.

احتمالاً یکی از جاه طلبانه ترین – و بیشترین تحقیق – داستان هایی است که تا به حال نوشته شده است، چرخه باروک استیونسن در یکی از آشفته ترین و هیجان انگیزترین زمان های تاریخ بشر اتفاق می افتد. پر از ماجراجویی وحشیانه، دسیسه های سیاسی، تحولات اجتماعی، اکتشافات متحول کننده تمدن، عرفان کابالیستی، و حتی کمی عاشقانه، این حماسه عظیم ارزش طلای (سلیمان) را دارد.
پل گون آلن

توضیحات انگلیسی کتاب The System of the World :

The System of the World, the third and concluding volume of Neal Stephenson’s shelf-bending Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver and The Confusion), brings the epic historical saga to its thrilling – and truly awe-inspiring – conclusion.

Set in the early 18th century and featuring a diverse cast of characters that includes alchemists, philosophers, mathematicians, spies, thieves, pirates, and royalty, The System of the World follows Daniel Waterhouse, an unassuming philosopher and confidant to some of the most brilliant minds of the age, as he returns to England to try and repair the rift between geniuses Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. After reluctantly leaving his family in Boston, Waterhouse arrives in England and is almost killed by a mysterious Infernal Device. Having been away from the war-decimated country for two decades, Waterhouse quickly learns that although many things have changed, there is still violent revolution simmering just beneath the surface of seemingly civilized society. With Queen Anne deathly ill and Tories and Whigs jostling for political supremacy, Waterhouse and Newton vow to figure out who is trying to kill certain scientists and decipher the riddle behind the legend of King Solomon’s gold, a mythical hoard of precious metal with miraculous properties.

Arguably one of the most ambitious — and most researched — stories ever written, Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle is set in one of the most turbulent and exciting times in human history. Filled with wild adventure, political intrigue, social upheaval, civilization-changing discoveries, cabalistic mysticism, and even a little romance, this massive saga is worth its weight in (Solomon’s) gold.
Paul Goat Allen

جملات کتاب The System of the World :

“Daniel understood the complaint. For Daniel, too, had once designed a building, and savored the thrill of seeing it built, only to endure the long indignity of watching the owner clutter it up with knick-knacks and furniture.”

“Many a ship’s officer, caught in a storm or battle, and seized by a natural tendency to freeze up in terror, was moved to action by the vivid helplessness of his crew.”

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“For most of the day and night, time oppresses me. It is only when I am at work on the innards of a clock-or a lock-that time stops.”

“The clock stops, you mean.”

“No. Time stops, or so it seems. I do not sense its passage. Then something interrupts me-I become aware that my bladder is full, my mouth dry, my stomach rumbling, the fire’s gone out, and the sun’s gone down. But there before me on the table is a finished clock-” now suddenly a snicker from the mechanism, and a deft movement of his hands. “Or an opened lock.”

“Space and Time! Two minor omissions that no one is likely to notice,” grumbled Newton.

“This is a very odd conversation,” Dappa observed. “On an arbitrary numerical scale of conversational oddness, ranging from one to ten, with ten being the oddest conversation I’ve ever had, and seven being the oddest conversation I have in a typical day, this rates no better than five,” Daniel returned.”

The System of the World از کتاب 

“Listen to me. I did not wish to be summoned by your Princess. Summoned, I did not wish to come. But having been summoned, and having come, I mean to give a good account of myself. That’s how I was taught by my father, and the men of his age who slew Kings and swept away not merely Governments but whole Systems of Thought, like Khans of the Mind. I would have my son in Boston know of my doings, and be proud of them, and carry my ways forward to another generation on another continent. Any opponent who does not know this about me, stands at a grave disadvantage; a disadvantage I am not above profiting from.”

“The first woman who spent any amount of time aboard this ship was Elizabeth de Obregon, whom we salvaged from the wrack of the Manila Galleon at the same time as him who burned it, one Edouard de Gex.”
“He’s dead, by the way.”
“Again? I am glad to hear it.”

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“The answer is, I chose to seek my fortune. Failed. Lost all. Then got a fortune I had not ever looked for. Lost it though. Got it back. Lost it. Got another – the story is somewhat repetitious.”

“Let’s to the Kit-Cat Clubb.”

The System of the World از کتاب 

“But blasting the drummer into the river, though it would have been easy at this range, was not a good way to be inconspicuous.

“Daniel was slow to take up the cheer. But when he did, he meant it. This was politics. It was ugly, it was irrational, but it was preferable to war. Roger was being cheered because he had won. What did it mean to win? It meant being cheered. So Daniel huzzahed, as lustily as his dry pipes and creaky ribs would permit, and was astounded to see the way people came a-running: not only the Quality from their town-houses, but hooligans and Vagabonds from bonfire-strewn fields to the north, to throng around Roger and cheer him. Not because they agreed with his positions, or even knew who he was, but because he was plainly enough the man of the hour.”

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“Is power like the vis viva and the quantite d’avancement? That is, is it conserved by the universe, or is it like shares of a stock, which may have great value one day, and be worthless the next? If power is like stock shares, then it follows that the immense sum thereof lately lost by B[olingbroke] has vanished like shadows in sunlight. For no matter how much wealth is lost in stock crashes, it never seems to turn up, but if power is conserved, then B’s must have gone somewhere. Where is it? Some say ‘twas scooped up by my Lord R, who hid it under a rock, lest my Lord M come from across the sea and snatch it away. My friends among the Whigs say that any power lost by a Tory is infallibly and insensibly distributed among all the people, but no matter how assiduously I search the lower rooms of the clink for B’s lost power, I cannot seem to find any there, which explodes that argument, for there are assuredly very many people in those dark salons. I propose a novel theory of power, which is inspired by . . . the engine for raising water by fire. As a mill makes flour, a loom makes cloth and a forge makes steel, so we are assured this engine shall make power. If the backers of this device speak truly, and I have no reason to deprecate their honesty, it proves that power is not a conserved quantity, for of such quantities, it is never possible to make more. The amount of power in the world, it follows, is ever increasing, and the rate of increase grows ever faster as more of these engines are built. A man who hordes power is therefore like a miser who sits on a heap of coins in a realm where the currency is being continually debased by the production of more coins than the market can bear. So that what was a great fortune, when first he raked it together, insensibly becomes a slag heap, and is found to be devoid of value. When at last he takes it to the marketplace to be spent. Thus my Lord B and his vaunted power hoard what is true of him is likely to be true of his lackeys, particularly his most base and slavish followers such as Mr. Charles White. This varmint has asserted that he owns me. He fancies that to own a man is to have power, yet he has got nothing by claiming to own me, while I who was supposed to be rendered powerless, am now writing for a Grub Street newspaper that is being perused by you, esteemed reader.”

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“That merely glimpsing three good wooden boxes on a baggage-wain could lead to such broodings made Daniel wonder that he could get out of bed in the morning. Once, he had feared that old age would bring senility; now, he was certain it would slowly paralyze him by encumbering each tiny thing with all sorts of significations.”

“And so even if Hope was a contrived thing — a mechanism that popped up out of Pandora’s Box by dint of levers and springs — it was by no means bad.”

“Suppose one had gained the trust of many gentlefolk in London. One could then act as an intermediary, settling their transactions in the city with a word and a handshake, without the need for bags of silver to be lugged around and heaved into the doorways of posh town-houses. Suppose one also had many contacts in the countryside — a network, as it were, of trusted associates on all of the estates and in all of the market-towns. Then one could almost dispense with the need for hauling stamped disks of silver to and from London on the highways — but only by replacing it with a torrential, two-way flow of information.”

The System of the World از کتاب

“She smelled good: not an easy thing to accomplish in 1714.”

“I know not what you mean. The weather does not make the day. We make the day, as suits us. This day it suits me to destroy the currency of the Realm. The weather is fine.”

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“That is a very odd thing to see on the Thames,” Daniel remarked. “What flag does she fly?” For van Hoek had unlimbered his prospective-glass. “The double eagle. She is a war-galley of the Russian Navy,” van Hoek said. Then, after a moment’s pause, he laughed at the absurdity of such a thing.”

“It was an ancient English church of that school of architecture known to scholars as A Big Pile of Rocks.”

“The question, as always, is whether the organizing principle is added to the gross matter to animate it, as yeast is thrown into beer, or inheres in the relationships among the parts themselves.”

 The System of the World epub

“For the stuff of which we are made is just the common stuff of the world, viz. ordinary gross matter, so that a materialist might say, we are no different from rocks; and yet our matter is imbued with some organizing principle that endows us with identities, so that I may send a letter to Daniel Waterhouse in London in the full confidence that, like a smoke-ring traversing a battle-field, he has traveled a great distance, and persisted for a long time, and yet is still the same man.”

The System of the World از کتاب

“It would be unseemly for me to beg for your succour so early in this letter, and so I shall divert you (or so I flatter myself) by relating my last conversation with my employer, Peter Romanov, or Peter the Great, as he is now styled—not without perfectly sound reasons—by many (I say “employer” because he owes—I do not say “pays”—me a stipend to act as his advisor on certain matters; my Mistress and liege-lady remains, as always, Sophie). As”

The System of the World از کتاب

“This was politics. It was ugly, it was irrational, but it was preferable to war.”

“On certain hilltops grew spruce forests, as fine and dense and soft-looking as the pelts of Arctic mammals. When the wind gusted through these, a sound issued from them that was like icy water hurrying over sharp stones. But most of the land was covered with heather, gone scab-colored for the winter. There the wind was silent, except for the raucous buller that it made as it banged around in the porches of Daniel’s ears like a drunk burglar.”
The System of the World از کتاب 

“Condemn an Englishman to hell, and he’d plant a bed of petunias and roll out a nice bowling-green on the brimstone.”

“Daniel got dressed. Much of his clothing had been blown up.”

The System of the World از کتاب

“In sum, the man’s head looked like a Dutch oven forged over a dying fire with a ball-peen hammer.”

از کتاب The System of the World

“I have spent enough time around Puritans in general, and Boston Puritans in particular, to know what these people will tell her: lock up the library! Or”

“This, and the owl, told all. It was as he had feared. Birds and bugs, top to bottom, front to back. All salvaged, not because they had innate value, but because they’d been given to the Royal Society by important people. They’d been kept here just as a young couple keeps the ugly wedding present from the rich aunt.”

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