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کتاب صوتی انگلیسی من درگاه هستم | I Am the Doorway

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معرفی و دانلود داستان صوتی انگلیسی من درگاه هستم نوشته ی استیون کینگ

I Am the Doorway by Stephen King


من درگاه هستم




    استیون کینگ

    Stephen King

دانلود داستان صوتی انگلیسی I Am the Doorway | من درگاه هستم

درباره داستان صوتی انگلیسی من درگاه هستم از استیون کینگ:

من درگاه هستم” یک داستان کوتاه علمی تخیلی از استیون کینگ نویسنده آمریکایی است که برای اولین بار در شماره مارس ۱۹۷۱ مجله کاوالیر منتشر شد و بعداً در سال ۱۹۷۸ در مجموعه شیفت شب (Night Shift ) کینگ جمع آوری شد.
داستان مربوط به یک فضانورد سابق امریکاییست که در ماموریتی به ونوس بخاطر قرار گرفتن در معرض جهش های فرازمینی دچار معلولیت و تغییرات وحشتناکی شده است. 
روایتگر ماجرا ، “آرتور ” ، داستان را با دستان باندپیچی شده خود آغاز می کند و از خارش وحشتناک آن شکایت دارد. دستان آرتور تغییر شکل داده و حالا او تعداد زیادی کره چشم در کف دست و نوک انگشتانش دارد. این کره های چشم به عنوان درگاهی برای یک گونه بیگانه عمل می کنند که به آنها اجازه می دهد دنیای ما را ببینند ، اما ، از دیدگاه بیگانه ها ، انسانها موجودات ترسناکی هستند و از نظر آرتور آنها به شدت از انسانها ترس و نفرت دارند. به مرور زمان بیگانگان نه فقط برای دیدن دنیای ما  ، بلکه با کنترل بدن معلول آرتور ، سعی در انجام قتل های وحشتناکی دارند. او در تلاشی ناامیدانه برای حفظ انسانیت خود ، دستان خود را در نفت فرو می کند و آنها را به آتش می کشد و موفق می شود حضور بیگانگان را برای نزدیک به هفت سال از بین ببرد. ولی بعد از اینکه چشم ها بر روی سینه او ظاهر شدند ، او قصد دارد با اسلحه کمری خود را از بین ببرد.
این مجموعه شامل داستان صوتی انگلیسی و متن کامل داستان به انگلیسی می باشد.

قسمتی از کتاب داستان صوتی انگلیسی I Am the Doorway از Stephen King :


درباره داستان صوتی انگلیسی I Am the Doorway از Stephen King :


I Am the Doorway” is a short story written by Stephen King. The story was originally published in the March 1971 issue of Cavalier, and was later included in King’s own 1978 collection Night Shift and in the 2005 anthology Thrilling, Chilling Tales of Alien Encounters. A likely inspiration for the story was the Manned Venus Flyby, a NASA program where astronauts would have entered the mesosphere of Venus to study the planet, but was abandoned due to concern of danger and high prohibitive cost.

خلاصه ی داستان صوتی انگلیسی من درگاه هستم از استیون کینگ:

Plot Summary

Set in the near future, this story relates of a crippled ex-astronaut’s account named Artie and of the terrifying change he undergoes after being exposed to an alien mutagen during a space mission to Venus. Leading up to the story, Artie recalls how NASA has had multiple disappointments, some from failed missions but also from successful missions to the Moon and Mars which revealed nothing more than rocks and dust. The point of exposure is never specified, but likely suggested started with Cory, the narrator’s co-pilot, who ventured out of the shuttle to test a transmitter to Neptune. Arrving at Venus, Artie is horrified by what he sees, which he remarks as “a haunted house in the middle of deep space”. Returning home, an incorrect landing kills Cory and render Artie paraplegic, but he is able to become accustomed to his handicapped status as he received accolades in addition to “this wheelchair, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and a lot of money”. Some time after readjusting to Earth life, his primary mutation takes the form of numerous tiny eyes that cover his hands. These eyes act as the titular “doorway” for an alien intelligence, allowing it to see into our world, which, the man perceives, it fears and hates intensely.

Soon, the alien presence is not only able to see through this doorway, but take control of the man’s shattered body, using him to commit terrible murders, including those of a native boy. His friend Richard is the only man who knows the truth about the eyes, and when he begs him to expose the hand eyes, he does so, only for Richard to run in terror before being murdered.

In a desperate attempt to maintain his humanity, he douses his hands in kerosene and incinerates them, only to find out that once the doorway has opened, it cannot be so easily closed. He manages to make the alien presence go away for nearly seven years. Artie is never charged with either of the murders, as the boy’s death was chalked up to a lightning accident, and Richard was considered an eccentric among the community who likely moved away or found a woman. Artie recalls how he is starting to get Richard’s reputation as an odd duck as well, for it is rare that retired astronauts write letters to their Congressmen recommending against the use of taxpayer money for space exploration. He comments how space missions have resumed, and now there is talk of another manned Venus mission.

As to his earlier paraplegia, the protagonist adjusts to life with his dead eyes on the hands as he can write with them, shave with them, and even aim a shotgun at his mouth. He ends the story by saying he plans to commit suicide to spare Earth from any more horrors as “there is a ring of twelve golden eyes now around my chest”.

جملاتی از متن انگلیسی کتاب من درگاه هستم از استیون کینگ:

I Am the Doorway Quotes

“His head .. it exploded. As if someone had scooped out his brains and put a hand grenade in his skull.”
― Stephen King, I Am the Doorway


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دانلود داستان صوتی انگلیسی I Am the Doorway | من درگاه هستم
کتاب صوتی انگلیسی من درگاه هستم | I Am the Doorway

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