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هزار توی ارواح – The Labyrinth of the Spirits

هزار توی ارواح – The Labyrinth of the Spirits
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دانلود کتاب The Labyrinth of the Spirits نوشته Carlos Ruiz Zafón


کارلوس روئیث ثافون – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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هزار توی ارواح



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Lucia Graves

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جلد کتاب The Labyrinth of the Spirits

درباره کتاب The Labyrinth of the Spirits


The internationally acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author returns to the magnificent universe he constructed in his bestselling novels The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game, and The Prisoner of Heaven in this riveting series finale—a heart-pounding thriller and nail-biting work of suspense which introduces a sexy, seductive new heroine whose investigation shines a light on the dark history of Franco’s Spain
In this unforgettable final volume of Ruiz Zafón’s cycle of novels set in the universe of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, beautiful and enigmatic Alicia Gris, with the help of the Sempere family, uncovers one of the most shocking conspiracies in all Spanish history.

Nine-year-old Alicia lost her parents during the Spanish Civil War when the Nacionales (the fascists) savagely bombed Barcelona in 1938. Twenty years later, she still carries the emotional and physical scars of that violent and terrifying time. Weary of her work as investigator for Spain’s secret police in Madrid, a job she has held for more than a decade, the twenty-nine-year old plans to move on. At the insistence of her boss, Leandro Montalvo, she remains to solve one last case: the mysterious disappearance of Spain’s Minister of Culture, Mauricio Valls.

With her partner, the intimidating policeman Juan Manuel Vargas, Alicia discovers a possible clue—a rare book by the author Victor Mataix hidden in Valls’ office in his Madrid mansion. Valls was the director of the notorious Montjuic Prison in Barcelona during World War II where several writers were imprisoned, including David Martín and Victor Mataix. Traveling to Barcelona on the trail of these writers, Alicia and Vargas meet with several booksellers, including Juan Sempere, who knew her parents.

As Alicia and Vargas come closer to finding Valls, they uncover a tangled web of kidnappings and murders tied to the Franco regime, whose corruption is more widespread and horrifying than anyone imagined. Alicia’s courageous and uncompromising search for the truth puts her life in peril. Only with the help of a circle of devoted friends will she emerge from the dark labyrinths of Barcelona and its history into the light of the future.

In this haunting new novel, Carlos Ruiz Zafón proves yet again that he is a masterful storyteller and pays homage to the world of books, to his ingenious creation of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, and to that magical bridge between literature and our lives.

خلاصه کتاب The Labyrinth of the Spirits

“The Labyrinth of the Spirits” is the fourth and final novel in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series by the Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafón. The novel was published in 2016, a few years after the author’s death in 2012.

The story takes place in 1950s Barcelona, Spain, and follows Alicia Gris, a young woman who is investigating the disappearance of her mother, a Republican activist who vanished during the Spanish Civil War. Alicia is recruited by the head of the secret police, Mauricio Valls, to work for him and help him uncover a mysterious figure known as “the Manager” who is suspected of being involved in illegal activities.

As Alicia delves deeper into her investigation, she discovers that the Manager is linked to a dark and twisted history involving the Sempere family and the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. She also discovers a connection between the Manager and her own mother’s disappearance.

The novel explores themes of love, loss, memory, and the power of storytelling. It also offers a vivid depiction of post-war Spain, with its political turmoil, social upheaval, and deep-seated corruption.

“The Labyrinth of the Spirits” is a complex and multi-layered novel that ties together the threads of the previous three books in the series. It offers a satisfying conclusion to the series while also standing on its own as a powerful and engrossing work of fiction.

بخش ها و جملاتی از کتاب The Labyrinth of the Spirits


“Stories have no beginning and no end, only doors through which one may enter them.”

“Most of us mortals never get to know our real destiny; we’re just trampled by it. By the time we raise our heads and see it moving off down the road, it’s already too late, and we have to walk the rest of the way along the straight and narrow ditch the dreamers call maturity. Hope is no more than the belief that that moment hasn’t yet come, that we might still manage to see our real destiny when it draws near and jump on board before the chance of being ourselves disappears forever, condemning us to live in emptiness, missing what should have been and never was.”

“The memories we bury under mountains of silence are the ones that never stop haunting us.”

“Sometimes it’s best to put your mind to work and exhaust it, rather than let it rest, in case it gets bored and starts eating you up alive.”

“Truth is never perfect, never squares with all expectations. Truth always poses doubts and questions. Only lies are one hundred percent believable, because they don’t need to justify reality, they simply have to tell us what we want to hear.”

“Every paragraph, every sentence, seemed written in a musical key. The narrative drew her eyes through a cadence of timbres and colors that sketched a theater of shadows in her mind. She read without pause for two hours, relishing every sentence and dreading the moment she would reach the end.”

“Tell our stories to the world, and never forget that we exist so long as someone remembers us.”

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کارلوس روئیت ثافون – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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Lucia Graves

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جلد کتاب The Labyrinth of the Spirits
هزار توی ارواح – The Labyrinth of the Spirits

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